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The goal of African Biographies

The aim of this website is to provide secondary-age students with reading level appropriate information about historical African figures. As a humanities teacher, I have found that much of the historical reading material available to these students offers more information on North America and Europe. I chose to focus on Africa as it is most relevant to my context and African history is one of my areas of interest. I do not have university qualifications in African history but I have carried out research throughout my studies (up to Masters level). 


African Biographies aims to provide texts that are without bias, however it is recognised that all writing has some bias and this will be the case for the texts on this website. 



As far as possible African Biographies uses a range of sources. Sources are selected based on their relevance and reliability. Images are other taken from Creative Commons or I have contacted the image owner for permission to use their image on this website. 


Reading levels
Texts are available in more than one reading level in order to make the information accessible to more students. The levels are based on the Lexile Framework for Reading.

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